Why you should not care about god

6 minute read

I don’t personally remember believing in God or religion for the longest time I can remember. I used to go to the temple as a child. As I grew older, I have memories of skipping a temple, like my classmates used to skip class. To avoid conflict, there were times I would leave home and go for a rather long food walk instead of the temple.

I was never quite able to put out the exact reason for this shift. Maybe it was my interest in Science. As a kid, I was most interested in understanding how science has changed our lives. I was fascinated with exploring the universe. And religion used to stop me from asking the questions. I realized I wanted to see planets as part of the universe and understand the physics behind it instead of praying to them. The story of the universe always sounded better than creationism.

Or maybe it was the fundamental belief in freedom of expression. A belief that every human has a way to define his own path. Each one of us has the right to set out own morality. I had started seeing religion as fundamentally against free speech. There just can’t be only one righteous way. ..... 

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