Corona ICO

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Corona has suddenly taken over the world. Business is shut and the cash flow is massively impacted. IOU (I owe you) is usually an informal document acknowledging the debt. For people familiar with cryptocurrency this is similar to an ICO offering where a company can give you credits before launch to fundraise that you can use at a later point of time.

During this period while most of the cost still remains customers do not. Revenue is hit badly and cash flow issues are forcing businesses to shut down, businesses are forced to lay off people. IOU / ICO can be a way to help out the business you love and help them get through this time frame.

The curfews and lockdowns will go away and you would want the services you love to survive this. Start by asking business and shop owners around you if they would be interested in raising some money during this period from their customers that they can use in the future.

You can help by sharing details of business trying to achieve this. To follow this go here ..... 

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