Introduction #0

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In a complicated world, simple explanations don’t work. 

Life in general and intelligence has evolved over millions of years. The universe is a vast place and every passing day we are learning something new about it. A single person during his general lifetime used to interact with a very small percent of the huge amount of information available.

When the internet just came in, it became a place for people to explore a wider variety of ideas, made it easier to access information and that led to information overload. In a complicated world where no single question has a simple answer but rather has just different pieces of information, motivation, and perspective. As the internet grew and the amount of information accessible became too big, the internet evolved in a way to give each one of us our own echo chambers. It again restricted us to interact more with information pieces we already agreed with or were interested in and did little to give us new learnings.

BlueMustard is about trying to build awareness, including self-awareness. This is an initiative to build context. Context has two parts. It has facts and perspectives. A narrative is formed by giving a perspective with the set of facts you choose to focus on. When trying to understand anything new or trying to ponder upon why things are the way they are, the more information you have the better equipped you are.  ..... 

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