Letter #3

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Too many tourists

As travel becomes cheaper and more accessible to more and more people, we suddenly have a problem with over-tourism across the globe. The experience of tourism has changed forever. From Mt. Everest having a queue for Mountaineers touching down on the peak to crowded islands of South East Asia. Travel will not be the same again where you would get lost and be alone or take an adventure.

Yes Bank Story

A timeline of events on the rise and fall of Yes bank 🏦 from inception.

Evolution of news

Why can’t the news keep us informed, and how should we respond? The story of how news has evolved from Newspapers 🗞to Television 📺 and now Social Media📱. It tries to explain the business of news. From trying to find enough content for a paper to micro consumption. There is an abundance of information in the internet world, this will help find a balance and isolate content that is important to you. Remember what is important to you otherwise you would not be able to focus.


Blood Groups

What color is 🩸blood? While for most species the answer remains Red 🔴for some species it is Blue 🔵. Octopus 🐙 for eg. has Blue Blood. Haemoglobin inside the blood gives the Red color and in very rare cases some invertebrates instead have Haemocyanin to carry oxygen like Octopus, Spider, Squid, etc.

How many blood types are there in humans? The answer is not 8. Talk about Royal blood there are 2 families in the world that have a different blood group than the rest of the world. We potentially have thousands of blood groups. Watch the video to understand better.

Coronavirus and Space

In the Apollo 13 🚀mission, Ken Mattingly had to be replaced just before the launch with the fear that he is going to get Measles in the space. NASA has an upcoming launch to the International Space Station on April 9th. The effect of COVID-19 is just a more controlled launch. The launch will happen from Kazakhstan as planned. A story on how NASA quarantines people before being sent into space to avoid any germs reaching the ISS.


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