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Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold a debate in Shanghai on AI

An interesting conversation between Musk and Jack Ma. The difference in thoughts on AI. You may also notice Elon Musk’s reactions to some of Jack’s answers. And there is the reason why a Musk appeals so much more to a problem solver brain, while a Jack Ma appeals to the wealth creator part of the brain.

Aadhaar information online #Security

A twitter thread by Elliot Alderson on availability of taking you down an online rabbit-hole of finding Aadhaar cards. Currently, it seems finding Aadhaar information online is not hard. A large amount of this information is available on governmental sites with almost no security. But reporting has also helped in closing those public datasets. Read the full thread on twitter.

Sociology: Introduction

To be better at “context”, sociology is a great starting point. The whole course is extremely interesting but even the preview helps explain how the same thing can be looked at from multiple angles. How building a perspective is important, but also explains how and why other perspectives are formed.

Essence of Calculus

If you have been scared of math or avoided calculus like I did all through your life, this video summarises the need and the idea behind it. It beautifully explains through just diagrams, the basics of calculus without actually using any equations. It is essentially the art behind the math.

Technology: Git

If you are in software development, you have most likely used Git. The version control system created by the founder of the Linux Kernel is the backbone of collaborative development and version management in software. One of the best ways to understand has been the sandbox learning website below.


WaitButWhy: The inspiration

As the introduction described, BlueMustard is heavily inspired by Waitbutwhy, and pretty much every newsletter will have some reference to it.

The Cook and the Chef

Self Awareness

While the post references to Elon Musk and is part 4 of the series on Elon Musk, it does describe some very different thinking. Thinking from the ground up, or thinking from first principles. This has to be the beginning point to improve your reasoning abilities. If you want to actually think about things that you care about and things that matter to you, being a chef may be helpful.


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