Why you should not care about god

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I don’t personally remember believing in God or religion for the longest time I can remember. I used to go to the temple as a child. As I grew older, I have memories of skipping a temple, like my classmates used to skip class. To avoid conflict, there were times I would leave home and go for a rather long food walk instead of the temple.

I was never quite able to put out the exact reason for this shift. Maybe it was my interest in Science. As a kid, I was most interested in understanding how science has changed our lives. I was fascinated with exploring the universe. And religion used to stop me from asking the questions. I realized I wanted to see planets as part of the universe and understand the physics behind it instead of praying to them. The story of the universe always sounded better than creationism.

Or maybe it was the fundamental belief in freedom of expression. A belief that every human has a way to define his own path. Each one of us has the right to set out own morality. I had started seeing religion as fundamentally against free speech. There just can’t be only one righteous way.

Customs that exist for the sake of existence seemed stupid. I never quite understood how the universe will know that I just crossed the path of a black cat, or how my results would be better because I had dahi-cheeni. This repulsed me even further away. The superstition and bringing down of critical thinking was probably the final problem I had with it.

I must admit it helped that I did not come from a monotheistic religion, so really there was not one book that defined religion for my family. While religious, they themselves never believed in a single best way of life. My parents always had pointers for me, but never really forced me. Not until more recently over the last decade when they realized how far I had drifted. But they are still quite happy letting me live my way.

I did not become an Atheist overnight. The transformation was evolutionary over a period of years. Only around a decade ago any of this went further than skipping the temple. I joined Facebook sometime in 2009 and had to really look up the word to enter my religious belief. That was the first time I had to put it down.

This was a while back when words on the internet had meanings. I looked up the meaning of Agnostic and Atheist.

A person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God.


A person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.


I typed in Agnostic. And that was the end of my thinking over it for a few years. Gradually somehow I reached a stage where I updated it to Athiest. I had started feeling more strongly about the non-existence of God. I was probably just growing up and going through the journey.

I sat down this week to compile a list of reasons why you should not care about God, even if you don’t officially start calling yourself an Athiest or an Agnostic.

So here are 10 reasons why you should not care about god.

Life and Universe

The questions around life and the universe have to be the most interesting questions to ask and answer. Religion prevents you from asking those questions. There is a lot we do not know about the Universe, but it is intellectually lazy to stop asking questions and just say God did this.

It is not that I am comfortable with not knowing more about the creation of life, the story of the universe. But I am would be more uncomfortable pretending I know the answers.


We know the biology of a human, which is made up of cells. We understand the chemistry of cells which are made up of atoms. We understand the physics of atoms. We are the product of a Supernova, a star exploded and only then it released the chemicals that were required to create life.

After every major event religions will come up and show proof that this was already predicted by their religion. There are deep analogies that surface post a major calamity. All religions pride themselves on developing analogies, normally after truth has been discovered by a scientist.

It takes Science to even explain how religions have evolved over the generations.


Religion tries to humans are special. Humans are specially designed by God. We are not the first species on earth. We share 99% of our DNA with Chimpanzees. The world we have built it just 1% better over thousands of generations. Humans are the result of evolution, genes adapting and improving over millions of years.

We have not even been around for 0.01% of the existence of the Universe. We are not special. Just the most adaptive today according to the environment in this time frame of the Universe which is less than a spectacular.

Free Will

You get to believe in Free Will. The idea that you get to decide the path of your life. You can never really believe in Free Will till you believe that god already has a plan.

Each and every person gets to choose his own path. The good or the bad, your happiness or sadness, is on you. Pushing it over to god undermines your own power to decide the path of your life.

No afterlife

There is no existence of an afterlife, and there is enough evidence of it. We know how memories form in the brain. So do you not take any memories with you after you die, because the brain isn’t really going anywhere.

You start living for the life you have, instead of living for the afterlife. Instead of taking decisions that give you a path to a better afterlife, you spend all your time making the current life more awesome.

God literally doesn’t give a damn about what happens after you die, because then neither of you exist.

Multiplicity of Gods

God has always existed in the unknown, they were Fire and Thunder when we did not understand them. Once we understood them, the god became the Sun, the Moon, the Solar System.

Over the history of humans, we have had over 1000 different gods. Different regions, different communities, have made whatever they could not understand and labeled it as a god or an activity of God. How can all of them be true? All of us, or almost all of us, don’t believe that they are gods anymore. Do you see the pattern emerging?

The miracles that have happened across regions and timelines with enough frequency are nowhere to be seen. Ideally, with a higher population, we should have been seeing more cases of miracles, more help from God. But on the contrary, as medicine improved the lifespans of human beings, the miracles that used to happen on a regular basis earlier have vanished.

If you follow any religion, you already do not believe in 99% of the Gods in the Universe. I just choose to not believe in one more religion.

Critical thinking and respect for evidence

Religion undermines respect for evidence. Religion harms society by favoring faith over evidence. It tells people to have faith, instead to look for real answers. It enables mass hysteria and superstition.

Religion closes the mind to the unbiased, controller and careful public inspection of ideas. If you step out of religion, you stop relying on faith as an answer. It undermines the value of critical thinking and respect for the evidence-based search for answers.

You start respecting what you do not know. You stop trying to poke holes in the theory of Science and start building your body of proof.

Don’t be ignorant

If you still believe in Gods that existed centuries or millenniums ago, either you have not updated your beliefs, or you continue to choose to ignore the evidence that has been found against it. You should look for ways out of ignorance.

The timeline when most of the widespread religions came into existence are archaic. The reasons that they came into existence may even have been justifiable. But we have learnt a lot more on our journey of enlightenment. We have allowed religion to change its story without any proof time and again.

Ignoring the evidence that has been laid in front of you will not make it go away.

Who created God

We choose to believe that God is the ultimate creator of everything. We ask who created everything including the Universe. We don’t believe that the Universe could have come into existence by itself.

But have you ever asked who created god? If you answer that God does not need a creator, why can’t that answer apply to the Universe? And if you believe that there is a creator of God, then he has to be more powerful than god. Then who the creator of the creator? It is a good rabbit hole to spend some time thinking about.

Lastly, yesterday night god came in my dreams and asked me to spread this message in the world.

Now will you not listen to the message of god as well.

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