Balancing the market

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Automation leads to short term job loss. Skills people acquired over years becomes useless. It will cause frustration and finally lead to political unrest. Try to increase or decrease some of the entities to simulate a prediction.

Automation also leads to more revenue, which gets invested back into automation and some part of it goes towards tax revenues. The tax revenues can be invested back in education and short term subsidies. Education helps in the long run, definitely the next generation who will be working in jobs to automate previous jobs.

Short term job loss is inevitable. We will not make any progress without improving the overall efficiency of the system. The question to ask is how can you help out the ones who faced the job loss. One answer can be do nothing for them, which would lead to frustration and eventually political unrest.

Or we could invest in some socialism. Subsidies that help the people in short term. All this while still heavily investing in education so that we can re-skill these people and bring them back to the job market and definitely for the next generation.

Education and learning is a long term prospect. It is also best done in the initial years of when the brain is forming, habits are still forming. Asking a construction worker to start writing code without the fundamentals of mathematics is going to be more difficult.

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